AGC members step up during Safety Stand-Down

In May, Associated General Contractors of Alaska hosted its first AGC Safety Stand-Down photo contest, held in conjunction with Safety Stand-Down Week.

The week is a voluntary opportunity for employers to talk with workers about safety — from taking a break to focus on fall hazards or taking a moment to go over personal protective equipment to making sure an Occupational Safety and Health Administration manual is available at every job site.

The AGC Safety Committee put together a Safety Stand-Down handout outlining how employers could organize their own jobsite Fall Protection Stand-Down and held a photo contest so companies could record their efforts to share with the committee.

Six companies participated, competing to win lunch for up to 30 workers, personal protective equipment and a safety plaque.

Builders Choice Modular Division

The Builders Choice Modular Division held a fall prevention stand-down. Health, Safety and Environmental Technology Assistant Manager Mac Stevens and Operations Manager Marty Ozuna spoke to the group about the importance of working safely and using appropriate fall protection personal protective equipment. Photo courtesy ASRC Construction Holding Co. LLC


Johnson River Enterprises safety review

Contest winner: A Johnson River Enterprises safety officer reviews what to look for in safety harness inspections and proper fit of fall harnesses while on an active jobsite at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks. From left are superintendent William Sisson, JRE health and safety officer Hunter Hicks, laborer Jared Borkovec, superintendent Martin Babcock and superintendent Matt Cameron. Photo by Robert A. Hicks Jr. / Johnson River Enterprises LLC


Orion Marine Group at Drillers Training

Runner up: Orion Marine Group held a drillers training in Chugiak in April. Photo courtesy Orion Marine Group


Grazzini Safety

Employees at Grazzini Brothers & Company had a multi-pronged approach to Safety Week, from morning stretching to promote flexibility and boost morale to wearing proper personal protective equipment. Photo courtesy of Grazzini Brothers & Company


PND Stand Down

A group of PND Engineers Inc. employees met for a safety stand down on fall protection on May 10. Photo courtesy PND Engineers Inc.


QAP Seward Hwy

Employees from Quality Asphalt and Paving and AGGPRO participated in a roster of safety stand-down topics on May 8. They started the day with a focus on fall hazards, discussed why falls are the leading cause of construction death, inspected fall-from-heights prevention equipment and discussed specific ways employees can commit to prevent falls. Photo courtesy QAP