President's Message

Make your voices heard to ensure a better Alaska

AGC Spring President's Message

In the previous issue of The Alaska Contractor, my message was clear:

  • Reductions and efficiencies in state government first.
  • Use of Permanent Fund earnings to fund state government must be part of the solution.
  • Finally, revenue measures should be considered.

Not to oversimplify the situation but a three-leg approach if you will.

I continue that sentiment with a call for action by the members of AGC of Alaska.

You can help shape Alaska’s future with minimal effort. Give input and feedback to your elected officials. Without hearing from our membership, our elected officials don’t know our position.

The staff and board at AGC of Alaska depend on the membership to get involved, to carry the torch and to be active in efforts to build a better Alaska.

AGC of Alaska values your membership, and we implore you to speak up and get involved. Know who your elected officials are. You don’t have to go to Juneau to make contact with them; an email or phone call from a constituent is very powerful.

AGC has a call to action — the time is now to put a fiscal plan in place. So we ask all members to reach out and make your voices heard.

Seventeen AGC members and staff just returned from our annual fly-in. Our teams met with 36 legislators and the governor’s team. We shared our message, but more help is needed. Our message was clear: Please get a fiscal plan in place, and please do it now. This will allow us to move forward with a stable economy.

The future of the construction industry is at risk if we don’t have a solution to the fiscal deficit.

AGC of Alaska members are people who want a good standard of living, family wage jobs, educational and cultural opportunities, healthy communities and economic opportunities.

Achieving our goals requires action by the staff, the board and, most importantly, the membership. I urge you to respond to requests from Executive Director John MacKinnon and the legislative committee to ensure that your opinion is voiced when and where it’s needed.

The construction industry doesn’t just support current jobs, it also creates opportunity for future jobs across the state. Infrastructure — a big part of the construction industry — is vital to economic growth in Alaska.

For example, safe and adequate infrastructure is necessary for the state to have a healthy commence sector and resource development projects and for access to those resources. Alaska must focus on growing and diversifying its economy, and the construction industry can help do that.

AGC of Alaska is the voice of its membership, but nothing is more valuable than the voice of each member, so please take the time to make yourself heard.

For your reference, this year’s policy positions can be found online at